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Greg Nittner

Developer and System Architect specializing in Java Technology

I am Java enthusiast that has experience in gathering customer requirements, designing, developing and maintaining IT systems. 15 years long career in the industry allowed me to be exposed to many libraries and frameworks available in Java world. I have learned how to adapt to new technologies and methodologies and not criticize existing implementation just because somebody else have developed it. Since day one of the project I have been active team player, motivated to adapt to new environment. If you are looking for a seasoned, open-minded developer and designer, which use common sense while developing IT systems, I am the right person.

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core, multithreaded, swing, applets, webstart, jdbc

System Design

Server Side Java

jee, jsp, jstl, servlets, ejb, jms, webservices, struts, spring, hibernate

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Senior Developer, Trainer

Vodafone Group plc, Contract Position

Vodafone Group plc is a multinational telecommunications company. It is the world's 2nd-largest mobile telecommunications company measured by both subscribers and 2013 revenues

My motivations to start work at Vodafone have been exposure to multination environment and willingness to establish myself as IT contractor outside Poland.
I have started working at Vodafone on developer position in “Live!” project, which is web-based service for Vodafone customers, mainly focusing on featured phones users. This project has been developed for almost 10 years and has been deployed in 24 countries. My duties were to develop new features, maintain product and provide support for operations team.
Later I has been involved in designing and developing simplified version of Live portal and consecutive versions of Vodafone customer portals: MyWeb, Discover and lately Start. I’ve been part of many teams over past years, always trying to be involved in crucial activities.
At the beginning of 2014 I’ve been involved in knowledge transfer project to Vodafone India employees. My role was to prepare training materials and perform training for a team of developers from India. After successful transition I have continued working in development team.
Recently we have started working using Scrum methodology, which allowed us to quickly adjust our deliverables based on the changing input from our internal customer (Commercial Team).



Software Architect and Developer

F-Inwest sp. z o.o. Rybnik, Poland, co-owner

Two friends of mine and me have established F-Inwest company in order to apply for EU funding for crowd-funding platform for start-ups. We have received funding and started developing project in 2013. People can get investments in exchange for equity in their businesses.

Together with friends we have decided to apply for EU funding program run by polish government institutions. It was great opportunity to learn how to prepare data for EU funding programs. First we have designed product and prepared list of tasks, which will be necessary to bring the project to the market. Later we have discovered that our project has to fulfil requirements from EU funding program, which has added new set of tasks. I have had to prepare business plan and financing for the project according to strict EU rules. Our project was selected for funding at the beginning of 2013. During 15 months I have been involved in designing and preparing documentation for our contracting companies. I was responsible for validating delivered components and supervising integration of those components. This project was a great exercise, which allowed me to get experience in leading project and act as a product owner. I have designed every aspect of the final product, allocated budget for all tasks and made sure that delivered products are fulfilling requirements we have presented in EU funding application.



Designer and Developer

ChanApps LLC, Austin, TX, US, co-owner

ChanApps LLC is a US based company set up by friend of mine. Company is dedicated to develop high quality applications for mobile devices.

Together with my friend we have designed and developed “Chanu – 4chan for Android”, a user-friendly image board browser for Android platform. Our application was downloaded more than 100k times from Google Play. An app got rate 4.1 on Play store. It was great opportunity to learn Android platform, its limitations and advantages.



J2EE Architect, Designer

ComputerLand SA, Cracow, Poland, Contract Position

ComputerLand SA (currently Sygnity SA) is one of the largest IT company in Poland. Main areas of company activities includes IT consulting, software production, solution integration and IT outsourcing.

It was my first contract position and I have been excited to join new team after working for 5 years on permanent position. My main roles in this position were design of new functionalities and drive development of GIS application for the largest telecommunication company in Poland. My tasks included designing system architecture and low-level specifications of modules, mentoring team members and supervising implementation of the system. It was relatively short project, only 6 months, which let me learn how to deal with new environment, team and product. It took me couple of weeks to convince team to my professional skills and achieve a level of trust, which was necessary to work comfortably within the team. After I learned the product I have taken care of consistency of provided requirements by working closely with business analysts. This allowed me to avoid issues during acceptance tests and finish the project before deadline.



Lead Developer, Architect

Rodan Systems S.A., Warsaw, Poland, employee

Rodan Systems SA is medium sized IT company located in Warsaw, Poland. Company has been providing dedicated IT solutions for government institutions using its own tool sets, including their own document management system.

I have started work at Rodan Systems as developer in new project for the Polish Security and Exchange Commision, a central document repository ESNaR. I have quickly presented my professional skills and started playing the leading role in development team. I’ve been closely working with business analysts and our Customer on delivering features they have been requesting.
As continuation of work for Polish SEC my company has received order for a platform for managing financial reports, which Polish SEC has been receiving from all public companies, brokers’ offices and investment funds in Poland. I have been working as architect and lead developer of reports’ form editor, developed in Java Swing, and reports processing system, which have been extracting data from forms, and storing them in relational database. Project has been transformed later into standalone product, which has been sold to other customers, like National Bank of Poland.
Work in this company was a great opportunity for me to learn how to work with business analysts, changing requirements and very demanding customers. I have also learned how to manage team of developers, influence them to achieve best results as a team.



Software Developer, Designer

BoHeads Gmbh, Gliwice, Poland, employee

BoHeads Gmbh was a medium sized IT company based in Bohum, Germany. Company has been developing content management system for ABB Ltd. Company went bankrupt when main investor decided to cut further investments as result of dot-com bubble collapse.

My first job after studies and my first contact with Java. As I have had strong C++ background I have been employed to implement modules in C++, which then have been connected via JNI to Java server side. Later I have joined a team, which have started developing new content editor in Java Swing. Content editor has played crucial role in the DTP system developed by the Company. Project has been using ObjectivityDB as storage, an object oriented database. I have started as developer, but at the later I have played crucial role designing various parts of content editor.



Designer, Developer

GregMar – Systemy Komputerowe, Bobrowniki, Poland, co-owner

Two friends have set up GregMar company on 4th year of IT studies. Marcin Nowak and me have decided to start developing applications for construction industry. Company has been closed after 1.5 years.

We have got a contract with a company from construction industry to design and develop a visualisation module for their modular container based barracks for workers. We have gathered all requirements from company owners and prepared application design. After 4 months of strong pair programming effort we have finished application. Our customer was happy with the solution and ordered further changes in the application. It was our first ever application made for an industry, real customer.

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